Saturday, March 2, 2013

Birthday week... Half bath redo as my birthday present.

     My birthday is coming up in a few days. With that said, a week ago, I went on  a crazy shopping spree. My biggest purchase yet is my iPad. I have been contemplating about this purchase for a good 2 years now. Why did it take me that long to make the purchase? well lets just say that I get the buyers remorse when I buy something big(anything more than $200) without thoroughly thinking about it so it takes me a good while before making any kind of big purchase.
     The Internet world is a place I could get lost in for hours at a time... I have a regular PC and an iPhone but I've been itching on the idea of getting a device that will make my Internet exploring easier. Although most people may say iPad is just a big iPhone, I really like the size of it and so far has definitely enjoyed my online browsing with its bigger screen than the iPhone and I like how much lighter it is to carry around than my regular PC. Hopefully this will make my blogging easier too. I guess we'll find out...
     I have a lot of projects I want to do around my home and start sharing on this blog, unfortunately I don't see myself getting started till a couple of weeks from now with how my schedule is looking with work and well, just life in general.
     First thing I want to tackle is my half bath on the main floor. I'm hoping to finish this project by the end of march as this will be my birthday present for myself that is home related. This is how it is looking right now.... I'll post a mood board later.

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