Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Half bath mood board

        I'm glad to have finally gotten around to making a mood board for the half bath.I haven't done any major projects in a while so doing this will definitely give me more of an idea whether I can continue working on DIY home projects and blog about it. I have liked gray walls with the white trim paint on rooms and I wanted the pop of colors of yellow and turquoise. 

1. I found that light fixture from home depot for less than $75. Joe will be installing this for me and we are both crossing our fingers that we can figure out how to do this because we truly are newbies at this.

2. The basis of my color palette actually stemmed from this piece of artwork. I have previously painted this piece at one of those bring your wine and paint classes with one of my friends. This cost me $35 and had a butt load of fun.   I'm not much of a painter but I guess I'm pretty good at following directions to have it come out looking like peacock feathers...or so I hope you see it like that.

3. Adding a plant in the bathroom has always been something I have done to make the room somewhat look lively. Although I haven't had much luck with my last bamboo plant, I have kept a few indoor plants alive so I have high hopes that the plant fairy will be on my side once I add this plant in there.

4. I'm really digging the simplicity of the old vanity mirror I have in hand. Maybe I'll have a change of heart later, but for now, I really like the clean white straight lines of that piece.

5. The only thing I will be changing on my old pedestal sink is the faucet. As you can see, the pedestal sink I have now used to be gold and the previous owners have decided to spray paint it silver so its now peeling. 

6. To add a pop of colors into the room, I have decided to add that turquoise soap plate and dispenser. Those two are less than $16 in amazon but I will definitely search for something cheaper.

7. Etsy is my new favorite store. The turquoise and yellow bird print hand towel with a gray base background definitely fits well in the room. I've also found a new love for bird prints and bird ceramic decor even though I'm not really a big fan of live birds.

8. Incorporating a different texture and tone to the room was another one of my goals to not look so matchy-matchy. I have liked the idea of turning that basket into a trash can or a magazine holder. I haven't completely decided yet and I'm also searching for something similar that's more affordable.

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