Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The start of something new...

      I've been toying with the idea of starting up a fresh new blog but as always, my indecisiveness and procrastinator trait got the best of me. I'm writing my first post after months of indecision of what my new blog should be titled and what it would entail.
      I actually have a few other blogs from years ago that is definitely not for the public view. Let's just say that having just moved from the Philippines to America in 2002 as a teen with English being my second language definitely reflected on the way I blogged. The move from a small province in the Phil to the liberated country of America was such a culture shock that not only it made my hair fall out(literally), I also used the blog as my therapist, the place I wrote everything without a filter. Although my writing skills is not the best yet, living in America for 10+ years has helped me out to finally form a full sentence that doesn't have a ridiculous amount of spelling and grammatical errors. Also, I finally know most slang("what's up?"doesn't mean look up at the ceiling and tell me whats there), and has developed a filter these days...
     So with that said, here's my fresh new take on life. My niche if you may ask... my life in the south with a Filipino twist. I will be sharing the love i have for everything about home, food, travels, and everything in between.

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